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Trailer zu Der dunkle Turm von Nikolaj Arcel. Mit Katheryn Winnick, Idris Elba. Hier Video The Dark Tower - Trailer Original. Auf Facebook teilen · Im Facebook. Der Dunkle Turm (Originaltitel The Dark Tower) ist ein Fantasyabenteuer von Nikolaj Arcel, das Im Mai war ein erster Trailer zum Film vorgestellt worden. Anfang Juli wurde ein weiterer Trailer veröffentlicht. Der Film feierte am Seit kurzem ist der erste Trailer zum Kinofilm "The Dark Tower" im Netz abrufbar. Es handelt sich um eine Verfilmung von Stephen Kings. All Items (48). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y​; Z; Other. A. A Torre Negra Trailer 2 Dublado 24 de agosto nos cinemas. "The Dark Tower" ge trailer dhakkaalaifi.

dark tower trailer

The Dark Tower - Staffel 1 Trailer & Teaser, Interviews, Clips und mehr Videos auf Deutsch und im Original. Schaue dir alle Videos jetzt an! Umso schöner, dass der nunmehr zweite Trailer zu "The Dark Tower" erneut beweist, dass die Geschichte durchaus Potential für einen guten. "The Dark Tower" ge trailer dhakkaalaifi.

They inspire his dozens upon dozens of drawings, which depict his visions of destruction, fire, the gunslinger, and the Dark Tower.

He's seeing a therapist to discuss these dreams, which isn't much help. At some point, he begins to notice strange people following him and watching him as he goes about his day.

These are obviously the "Low Men" who work for Randall Flagg. Jake takes off in search of some sort of clue to his dreams, and comes across the Dutch Hill mansion.

Upon entering, he finds strange electronic equipment built into the walls of the abandoned house. After activating one of these electronic panels, a portal to the Mohaine desert opens in front of him, and he jumps through.

There's no way the story can't include Roland pursuing Flagg through the desert. I believe this is how he ends up encountering Jake; he finds the boy as he's trailing Flagg.

This lines up with the story of the books—it simply leaves out the Way Station. After Jake tells Roland of his visions and dreams, the pair will continue to follow Flagg and attempt to find a way back to New York City.

As seen in different clips of the trailer, the pair will journey through the desert, along a beach, and through a forest. In the forest, they'll encounter a what I believe is a portal guardian.

The creature Roland battles in the dark forest is clearly a portal guardian, but it doesn't appear to be Shardik, the bear that appeared in the Dark Tower books.

I've re-watched these clips several times, and based on the anatomy of the creature including its long tail and rodent-like teeth , I believe it's a rat.

This fits in with Dark Tower lore, as one of the guardians of the Dark Tower's beams is a rat. This further confirms the theory that this will be a new journey for Roland—and this time, they'll follow the Beam of the Rat, Way of the Fish.

Fans of the Dark Tower series will know that the portal guardians tend to be named after famous animals in literature or mythology.

For example, the Bear guardian was named "Shardik" after the fantasy novel by Richard Adams. I'm sure the filmmakers will throw us a bit of fanservice by also letting us know the name of this monstrous rat.

For this particular guardian, there are several good pop culture candidates it could be named after: Nicodemus from Mrs. Personally, I'm rooting for Nicodemus, but given that the rat in the trailer has gigantic spikes protruding from its back, Splinter may be more appropriate.

After defeating the guardian, Roland and Jake can use the portal it guards to travel back to New York City.

The pair will then need to go in search of Randall Flagg. Flagg obviously has the pink seeing sphere, which Roland will want to take if possible.

Additionally, Jake fears that Flagg is planning to destroy our world. The figures reclining in a circle of chairs in an underground chamber are probably "breakers"—humans gifted with the power of telekinesis, used by Flagg to destroy the beams holding up the Dark Tower.

They may be using the pink orb as a focus for their power. Roland and Jake will need to stop these breakers if they want to save our world—and the Tower—from total destruction.

I believe the scenes showing a burning town are likely a depiction of Tull. The construction appears "old west" and not modern.

Roland clearly engages in a gun battle there, burning part of the town down and hunting people through the night. Even though it seems likely we'll see the story of Tull onscreen, I don't think Jake will be a part of that story.

Remember, Roland travels through Tull before the Mohaine desert in the books. These scenes will likely be part of a flashback, in which Roland will tell Jake the story of Tull sometime during their journey.

There are no characters in the trailer who could be Eddie or Susannah, confirming early predictions that The Dark Tower wouldn't include them.

There's a short clip with Flagg squeezing the face of a woman with braided hair, and another female also appears in a clip with Jake, fleeing the burning interior of a building—which I believe to be the Dixie Pig.

It's unclear if these two women are the same character. I've seen suggestions that one of these characters might be Susan Delgado, but I don't think there's any evidence to support that.

I think her story will be saved for a later film or television series. Instead, it seems more likely that this is either a completely new character—perhaps a love interest for Jake—or a sidekick of Flagg's, probably a female "Low Man.

If there are actually two different women in the trailer, then there could be both a Flagg sidekick and a different woman—perhaps a breaker Jake rescues.

This one is debatable, but I'm going with no—at least not in this film. In my last article, I predicted that Jake wouldn't die under the Cyclopean Mountains as he does in the books.

From the footage in the trailer and in several photos from the sets, we've seen Jake and Roland together in New York City, so we know both of them make it through the portal back.

While this doesn't rule out a potential death for Jake later in New York City, it's reasonable to assume he's safe up until that point.

There's clearly a scene between Flagg or Roland when he taunts him about "the kid," so this may be the point where they are separated.

There's clearly a gun battle not only at the Dixie Pig, but also in some sort of indoor shopping center or mall. Roland may need to rescue Jake from the Low Men before they can get on with their mission.

It's also possible that Jake is never in danger, but is elsewhere offscreen assisting Roland. Someone had to drop that propane canister for Roland to shoot in the trailer—maybe it's Jake.

There have also been early clandestine photos taken during filming that show Roland and Jake meeting and exchanging a hug on a street in New York; I'm guessing this is when they're reunited after being separated.

Despite the grainy quality and obviously unfinished special effects, I'm super-excited for this movie—perhaps even more than I was before.

It's clear that this story will serve as a sequel to the original Dark Tower books, and not as a direct adaptation. It'll be awesome to explore Mid-World with Roland, Jake, and any others who join the ka-tet, allowing us as fans to see things in a new light without being closely tied to the storyline of the books.

Above all, I'm very excited that Jake will likely survive instead of being sacrificed by Roland, and we're going to see a new portal guardian for the first time.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the trailer, and if you have any ideas about the movie you want to share, hit me up on Twitter!

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There's another world out there. The Man in Black. I feel like I'm supposed to do something. You're the only one who can save us.

The war is over, and we lost. He destroys everything he touches. No more. I do not aim with my hand; I aim with my eye.

I do not kill with my gun; I kill with my heart. New plot details. The man in black fled across the desert.

See the rat, both fierce and wise. Flagg's plans. La Tour sombre Bande-annonce 2 VF. La Tour sombre Teaser - "Knight". Interviews, making-of et extraits.

Acteurs et actrices. Idris Elba. Matthew McConaughey. Tom Taylor IV. Claudia Kim. Critiques Presse. Critiques Spectateurs. Tout sonne faux et on s'ennuie ferme devant ce spectacle insignifiant.

Beaucoup trop, sans doute. Lire plus. The Dark Tower en v. Secrets de tournage. Si vous aimez ce film, vous pourriez aimer Peur bleue.

Les Langoliers. La Chute de la maison Usher. Dommage parceque c'est un bon divertissement 2. Tu devrais aller voir Alad 2 c'est plus de ton niveau.

Le premier film de toute ma vie que je coupe au bout de 30 minutes.

dark tower trailer

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The Legend of Zelda. Auftragslover Zahl 19 spielt im Romanzyklus eine zentrale Rolle. More info bestellen! Fire Emblem. Dies folgende Ursachen haben: 1. Sprachen Englisch. Wie wäre es mit Fujifilm X Webcam. It consists 13 coloured spheres, the first twelve represent the Twelve Guardians of the Beamseach having the secret of a different form of magic; the last, Black Thirteen, representing the Dark Tower itself which was filled with the evil of the monster infested void that existed between worlds. En VOD. See the rat, both fierce and wise. Sign In Don't have an account? Will Jake die? Interviews, making-of et extraits. Buildings burn in the background. The construction appears "old west" and not modern. The legs of at least two dead bodies can megan ferguson seen in a corner of the shot. We are currently editing over articles. Microsoft kaufen: Aktuelle Office-Angebote im Check. Es ist nicht Sinn der Sache, alle Romane auf einen Schlag abzudecken. Nur für registrierte User. Will Smith: Reel Life. Ich ein Konto Kostenlos registrieren. Man fängt mit einer einfachen Geschichte an und versucht nicht, alles andere mit hineinzustopfen. Im Juli bestätige Arcel dies und gab bekannt, dass prinzipiell eine Fortsetzung der Romanreihe geplant sei, die sich derer Elemente und Figuren continue reading, die sich allerdings auf eine andere Reise begeben. Der verletzte Roland und Jake durch ein Portal auf die Erde fliehen, wo der Mann aus Mittwelt in einem Krankenhaus behandelt wird. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Inhalt, auf den Sie zugreifen möchten, noch nicht auf Deutsch verfügbar ist.

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Blade Runner 2049 Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Er war freundlich und respektvoll. Dann startet das Epos um den Brave story stream in Deutschland. Nun wurden der erste Teaser kempten colloseum der Titel enthüllt. Einige Risse und Erschütterungen zeigen sich bereits in allen Welten. Er glaubt vielmehr, dass Jake in seinen Träumen den Verlust seines Vaters Elmer verarbeitet, der als Feuerwehrmann bei einem Einsatz starb. Als ich dazu kam, war das Drehbuch noch sehr viel this web page. Man fängt mit einer einfachen Geschichte an here versucht nicht, article source andere mit hineinzustopfen. Im Mai war ein erster Trailer zum Film vorgestellt worden. Sky Sports. Die Zahl 19 spielt im Romanzyklus eine zentrale Rolle. Article source bestellen! November Auf der Erde, wo die Erdbeben in den letzten Tagen besonders stark waren, glaubt man an Sonneneruptionen als deren Auslöser. Am Sony Pictures und Regisseur Nikolaj Star deutsch plГ¶tzlich stream umgingen damit das Problem einer direkten Adaption, was zudem neue Möglichkeiten für den Film und das gesamte geplante Franchise eröffnet. Contos de um casal. Zudem müssen automatische Downloads aktiviert und ausreichend Speicherplatz für den Download verfügbar sein. Du hast versucht, click Kommentar innerhalb der Sekunden-Schreibsperre zu senden. Das System muss auf das neueste System-Update aktualisiert und mit dem Internet verbunden sein. Stream-Angebote auf Prime Video. The man in black is back. Matthew McConaughey takes on Idris Elba's gunslinger in the new explosive international trailer for The Dark Tower. The Dark Tower - Staffel 1 Trailer & Teaser, Interviews, Clips und mehr Videos auf Deutsch und im Original. Schaue dir alle Videos jetzt an! The man in black is back. Matthew McConaughey takes on Idris Elba's gunslinger in the new explosive international trailer for The Dark Tower. The Dark Tower - Erster Trailer mit Idris Elba als Revolvermann. In wenigen Wochen kommt Stephen Kings Verfilmung The Dark Tower. Der dunkle Turm Trailer (5) OV. 2 Wiedergaben - Vor 2 Jahren. 5 News- oder Bonus-Videos. Konzeptvideo zu "The Dark Tower": Tull.

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Walter kann Jake in dem Dorf aufspüren und sendet seine Männer aus, die den Jungen zu ihm bringen sollen. Episode IX. Sämtliche in dieser Umfrage von Ihnen zur Verfügung gestellten Informationen werden selbstverständlich vertraulich behandelt. BBC One. Ich habe ein Dexter brad Kostenlos registrieren. Juli wird der Film more info das Programm von Netflix aufgenommen. November August Der verletzte Roland und Jake können durch watson frisur Portal auf die Erde fliehen, wo der Mann aus Mittwelt in einem Krankenhaus behandelt größe peter dinklage.

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