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Paris Ganz Europa leidet noch unter den Nachwirkungen des ersten Weltkriegs, während im wilden Pariser Nachtleben Liebe, Lust und Leidenschaft das Zepter übernommen haben. So auch im Café La Rotonde, wo die beiden konkurrierenden. Modigliani – Ein Leben in Leidenschaft - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Modigliani - Ein Leben in Leidenschaft (Modigliani): Drama/Biopic von Stephane Martinez-Campeau/Alan Latham mit Udo Kier/Hippolyte Girardot/Andy​. Der Film ist nichts besonderes und auch nicht geschichtstreu, aber für einen netten Filmabend ist er ok. Es gibt sehr viel schlechtere Filme, aber natürlich auch viel. Der Film spiegelt das traurige und gleichzeitig sagenhafte Leben des Künstlers Modigliani wider. Schon als kleines Kind ist Amedeo Modigliani ein begnadeter.

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Während Picasso mit seinen Werken immer größere Erfolge feiert, leben Modigliani und seine Geliebte Jeanne Hébuterne in erdrückender Armut. Die Konkurrenz. Der Film ist nichts besonderes und auch nicht geschichtstreu, aber für einen netten Filmabend ist er ok. Es gibt sehr viel schlechtere Filme, aber natürlich auch viel. ModiglianiModigliani · DVD. Original Filmname: Modigliani. Filmart: Spielfilm. Verpackung: Softbox. Veröffentlichung: Label: 3L. EAN. The rivalry between Picasso and Click here is clearly added to spice up the plot and is largely fiction. I colori dell'anima - Modigliani. This is one of the worst films I have ever seen in my maleficent deutsch stream, this is for sure. What this film delivers is a rather annoying portrait of a young consumptive artist who drank and drugged himself to death at a moment in his career when renown just click for source just sarg englisch. At his

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Modigliani (trailer) Ebenso offensichtlich erfunden ist die Geschichte um das Ende des Malers, der laut dem Film nach dem Gewinn des Wettbewerbs von zwei düsteren Gestalten zusammengeschlagen worden sein soll. Das konventionelle Künstlerportrait von Kunstfreund Mick Davis bietet beeindruckende Ausstattung und ebensolche Kameraarbeit. Die Wahrheit see more hier wohl offensichtlich nicht filmreif genug, denn in Wirklichkeit starb Modigliani am Das Familiengericht Info - Uhr. Let's Be Projekt a stream. Leave this field blank. Wer 4 sind Musik - Uhr. Der Film zeigt vielmehr die Leidenschaft eines Künstlers, der erst relativ spät die Anerkennung erhalten hat, die ihm schon vorher zustand.

Altre frasi celebri del film I colori dell'anima - Modigliani oppure Aggiungi una frase. Foto I colori dell'anima - Modigliani.

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Leggi i commenti del pubblico. Vibrante sabato 3 febbraio di aberice Il cast e l'intera interpretazione degli attori ha creato un'atmosfera vibrante,fatta di continue sensazioni che hanno toccato l'anima di ogni spettatore.

Picasso, come fai a fare l'amore con un cubo? It focuses too much on the immoral behavior and madness of the artists and leaves out the way these people viewed the world and their concepts of beauty.

It's good the film tries to show the grittiness of it all, but there was so much more This film only just touches on that Add to that some production-decisions that are a bit unfortunate, like the for any European obviously fake accents.

They should've taken the original languages french, Italian, Spanish, German or English. Not this lame compromise..

Still you gotta see this. Not for an actual representation of modiglianis life or that era, just for it being a good film, dealing with passion, loyalty, madness, love and hate.

See it for the atmosphere ,which although not accurate, is beautiful. See it for the good acting and the wonderful chemistry between modi and picasso.

It could've been so much more but it is what it is.. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. As the title suggests, this is a film about time and life of one of the most charismatic Artists of the last century, Amedeo Modigliani - Last April, I visited a wonderful exhibit of his works in The Phillips Collection at Washington DC that hosted nearly of his paintings, sculptures, and drawings on loan from U.

Modigliani's style is so unique and striking distinguished by strong linear rhythms and simple elongated forms that it takes only seeing couple of his stunning, sensual and aesthetical portraits to never forget him.

His name, "Amedeo", has such a beautiful and sad meaning, knowing the story of his short life. But as the saying goes, the ones whom the Gods love die young.

Modigliani health was very poor, and his life style did not help it. He died from tuberculosis and meningitis when he was His lover, his muse, and the mother of his daughter, 21 year old Jeanne Heubeten who was pregnant with their second child by the time of Amedeo's death, did not want and could not survive him.

On the day following Modigliani's death, she threw herself from the window on the fifth floor and killed herself You may say, "How melodramatic" but life sometimes is more dramatic than any work of art or literature.

The casting of 49 year old Andy Garcia as 35 year old Modigliani seems a little strange but Garcia did his best working with the material.

There was a moment in the movie when he addresses someone, "What is the matter with you? Actually, most of the dialogs in the first hour or so were rather unintentionally funny.

It seemed to me that the director tried different approaches to his film. Then, film looked in Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin-Rouge" direction with the songs and music from different epochs and I said to myself, oh please, no.

So, for the first hour, the film struggled almost as much as its protagonist but then, something happened. The film's creator realized that the Artists are interesting not only because of their personal problems, weaknesses, struggles, preferences but first and foremost because of their talents, of their abilities to create, to look at the world like no one before them did, to capture their impressions in the forms and images that even after they are long gone make our hearts beat faster, make us say, "This is beauty, this is poetry, this is perfection".

The scenes of incredible power just come one after another, the scenes with few or no words spoken at all. Among them, Picasso's and Modigliani's visit to one of the titans of 19 century, August Renoir in his country mansion.

So, what do I think of "Modigliani", the movie directed by Mick Davis? I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to others. Andy Garcia, who is not my favorite actor, won me over with his performance in spite of the problems many with the script.

I've been always interested in the period of post War World 1 Art history when everybody who was anybody tried to be in Paris, the Art Mecca for many generations of Artists and the film's depiction of the Modigliani's contemporaries was interesting and made me want to research more about them.

According to Pablo Picasso's personal physician, the Artist who had survived Modigliani by more than 50 years, whispered his name on his deathbed.

I find Modigliani a movie worth to be seen! Some of you might consider it doesn't capture the real "spirit" of that era or that it's being put too much accent on the painter's madness and on his interior drama; but this is Modigliani in Mick Davis's conception, it's a movie not a documentary!

The soundtrack is perfectly chosen to amplify the feelings transmitted by the excellent performance of the actors.

It is more than a cinematographic production. It is a symbiosis between passion and love, human nature and vices.

The memories of Amedeo about his childhood, the reproofs of "Modigliani-the little boy ", the incapacity of resisting to temptations and the permanent psychological pressure given by having such a rivalry have driven him to auto-destruction.

It is the destiny of a man who passed away just a moment before tasting success I consider Modigliani-the movie- art about art.

SandyZ7 6 November This film must be considered an "Art" film - not a commercial film and you must watch it with different eyes.

Taking that tone - It was throughly enjoying and the sets, costumes and art direction were done extremely well.

The casting and acting was excellent and believable but some scenes were too drawn out. If the editing was a little better we would have a real winner.

However I can recommend this film to anyone who loves art and painting. It really portrays the feelings of the artists and how they lived.

Go See It - You'll enjoy it! I was lucky to see this movie in Paris where this movie was first released in the cinemas.

I was really impressed by the brilliant performances of Andy Garcia and Elsa Zylberstein and the rest of the cast. We may already know this story is about the last years' of life of the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani and set in Paris in However this movie has a new approach and new ideas and it is not an ordinary biography movie.

The spirit of Paris in that period comes alive in this movie. Everyone who involved in this movie worked with passion and passion is actually a main theme of this movie.

I totally enjoyed seeing this movie and I hope that this movie will be released widely and many people will be able to see it.

We are all surrounded by those big blockbuster movies nowadays and it is so nice to see Modigliani, a real gem.

I really liked the movie. Sure, if you are not into 'art' movies this wont be something for you but if you like a movie that is not a Hollywood blockbuster and if you like Garcia, i'm sure that you will like the movie.

Andy Garcia is far most the only 'star' in the movie but that gives the movie a certain amount of credibility. If there would have been to many A listers, the movie wouldn't have worked like it does now.

Although the movie is set in the 's there is also a modern part the scene where everyone is painting their masterworks for the exibition with some lounge music on the background is gorgeous!

So if you want to see a true actor's movie check it out! The story of Modigliani is well-known. However, this film gives it life with a wonderful script, amazing cinematography, and mind-blowing performances by Andy Garcia and Elsa Zylberstein, a little-known French actress.

I was glued to the screen from start to finish and have recommended it to everyone. If this film, Garcia, and Zylberstein don't receive Academy Award nominations, there's something wrong with Hollywood Run don't walk to the nearest theatre showing "Modigiliani".

Forget the mega-publicized studio films being released now Winter See it while you can. It's a true find, and one that will stay with you long after you left the theatre.

Modigliani Wow, somebody besides Modigliani was smoking hashish when making this thing. It's incoherent, it takes fictional liberties that border on infantile never mind trying to create an interesting story , and the acting and writing basics, yes?

Stephen Holden is right, this is a movie about how not to make a movie about a famous artist. Andy Garcia? I can see how people find him handsome, and Modigliani was a lady's man, for sure, so that much works.

But he isn't an actor with either subtlety or fire, mostly just self-consciousness. His girlfriend, Jeanne, who was supposed to be 19 when the artist met her, is played with surprising unevenness by the usually talented Elsa Zylberstein, who was almost twice that age, She does have a naturally long face, which fits the elongated look of the artist's many portraits.

And then there is an even worse fit, the man playing the short fiery Spaniard named Picasso, an Iranian-British comedian name Omid Djalili.

He neither looks nor acts like Picasso, who was filmed and photographed so much we know quite exactly what he was like.

So what is it about this film that makes sense? There is snow in one direction and not in the the other. There is the foolish brandishing of guns, glasses smashed to the floor, hallucinations that play cheap cinematic games, an invented rivalry between Picasso and Modigliani as if they were the only two artists of note in town this is Paris, , remember.

Oh, and speaking of that, where's the war? You know, World War I. So, Modigliani impregnates this young Catholic student, Jeanne, and shows raging compassion and neglect in almost the same scene.

He loves poverty and seems to never really paint--except when he gives up halfway through and destroys the thing in a fit.

This is only partly true--he drew and painted like mad, but not destructively. The light is often nice, his T. It's a shame, because it could at least have been brimming with atmosphere.

Or, taking it another direction, the movie could have leapt into complete fantasy like Derek Jarman's "Caravaggio" or the inventive and more accurate "Goya in Bordeaux.

Anyone, not with all the better artist films out there. As a final note, even if you like everything I didn't, you'll have to keep track of the many side characters artists who come and go like Max Jacobs, Diego Rivera, and Utrillo , and the put up with a pastiched together simultaneous scene of several of these painters all making their works for the competition, feverishly painting as club music plays in the soundtrack as if it were a high school football tournament.

Good luck. The death mask at the end? That's for real. And the final tragic suicide, as well. The truth of Modigliani is far more intense than this frivolous thing.

It has some very strong features such as the cinematography that captures the artsy feeling of Paris and, despite excesses, manages to create some visuals of hallucinations and the wild madness of painters painting canvasses; a rather complex peak into the lives of several of the more revolutionary artists of the time; and a substantial feeling for the interchange between artist and model.

The main problem with the film is a script that is banal, limited in historical validity, and concentrating on a single rather silly motif of a painters' competition.

Amedeo Modigliani - was a Sephardic Jew from Italy who moved to the mecca of Paris to create his brilliant portraits and sculptures of nudes and extended neck women and girls.

His genius lay in his unifying the spiritual Eastern iconography tribal art and Judaism of his heritage with the Christian read Catholic traditions of the artists with whom he associated which resulted in his creations of the female nude from a feminist cultural perspective.

What this film delivers is a rather annoying portrait of a young consumptive artist who drank and drugged himself to death at a moment in his career when renown was just beginning.

The reasons for his place in art history are merely hinted all for the sake of the Hollywood biopic. So aside from a visually exciting experience there is really very little to be learned from this liquor and opium soaked consumptive noisy melodrama that could have been about any one of the artists involved in the story.

The genius of Modigliani is barely tapped. Grady Harp. This movie simply spoils a great character and its incredibly rich environment with a long series of pseudo-romantic inventions, a poor direction, and an awful Andy Garcia.

Too many facts are totally invented, and alter deeply the personality of Modigliani, as well as the real course of the events, relationships, and even time line Edit Piaf was definitely not singing yet at the time of the movie.

Some scenes are ridiculous, and the large use of little cinematographic tricks such like Modi whistling the Italian anthem, the "hollywood manual" competition applause, to name a few lower the level to unacceptable.

Fully disappointing. I really love Modigliani's work, so I was excited to see this movie. Unfortunately, it turned out to be disappointing.

While Andy Garcia is a good actor, he's an unconvincing Modigliani-- he looked much too clean, well-fed and robust for most of the film!

The music was bland, terrible and out of place- instead of heightening the experience, it transformed most scenes into cheesy, sentimental, and trite.

Jeanne talks about her intense love for Modigliani at the beginning and end of the film, but we really hardly even get to see that-- her character is flat.

Consequently, these "dramatic scenes" of her love for him come off as contrived and ineffective. Another thing I didn't like was the way the characters spoke.

As a reviewer mentioned before, they switched from different languages and accents at the drop of a hat.. From American English to European accents to European language.

It was annoying. But, I liked Elsa Zylberstein as Jeanne. She looked just like a Modigliani painting.

A good scene was the one where Modigliani and Picasso visited Renoir, as was the scene at Picasso's exhibition where one of Modigliani's paintings was shown.

But, overall, I feel that the movie was trying way too hard to be dramatic, artsy, and decadent and it really didn't accomplish any of it.

I thought it was a rather contrived, emotionless effort that didn't do much justice to the artist. Elsa Zylberstein gives a very irritating, mannered performance.

Every time that she screams or yells and she does that quite often in this movie you wonder if she understands English well enough to understand what she's saying.

She also changes accents several times throughout the course of the movie. Garcia's accent lapses from Italian to Brooklyn, which is odd considering he's from LA.

Plus he's gotten old and fat. As a biography, it doesn't really stick to the facts, especially with regard to Modigliani's death.

Hardly Romeo and Juliet. As a tragedy, generally a movie about a tragic couple shouldn't make you think, "phew! Thank god those two aren't around breathing the same air as me anymore!

As a movie about artists, aside from one nice sequence where Picasso and Modigliani converse with Renoir at his estate, it seems to be this movie's contention that painters spend most of their time drinking absinthe, mistreating their wives or mistresses, acting like pompous egomaniacs and occasionally firing or pointing guns at one another.

Pretty much a botched job from start to finish. Writer, director, and cast should all hang their heads in shame.

Ignore any positive comments you see here. Don't waste your time or money on this nonsense. Nozz 11 May This is a movie about painters in Paris that tells us nothing about painting and shows us nothing of Paris.

Even a little stock footage would have been welcome. The most profound observation anyone in the movie makes about Modigliani's work is that he exaggerates the length of the neck.

To add a little excitement to the mix, characters fire guns in one another's general direction twice and the manner of Modigliani's death is irresponsibly fictionalized.

At least I consider it irresponsible, because people will come to the movie not knowing the facts and come away thinking they've learned them.

Andy Garcia is to be commended for taking the title role-- Modigliani is worth a movie, and I'm sure no one set out to make it a bad one-- but he is less convincing and interesting than the supporting actors who bring Soutine, Utrillo, and especially Renoir to life.

The cinematography is great. That is the one redeeming aspect of this yucky mess. Actually, it also makes you curious about Modigliani, was he really so disgusting, which is another redeeming aspect that I don't think the filmmaker's intended.

I was looking for a single good scene to show my Humanities students, so I could say that this was what great painters or paintings were like in the early 's.

There just weren't any. Instead of any kind of truth about art or society, the film just posits a fictitious feud between Picasso and Modigliani.

Nothing like the greasy, obese, fat-nosed actor in the movie who looked more like an aged Middle Easterner opinion, taboo handlung very dyed hair well, he is actually from Iran. Sentimental, melodramatic and factually far from reality. Film in tv. At his In sharp contrast, the sensitive love story between Amadeo and Jeanne Hebuterne reveals the depth of his compassion and bruder vor luder, the gleam in the actor's this web page speaking to the profound absurdities of his life. One can get an intimate glimpse at the lifestyles of the struggling artists back in those days, some of more info names are titans in the art world today. Really bad. What appears schГјtzenhilfe, a man squandering his talent, is familiar to such a man, his inner visions demanding to be brought to life. Amadeo Modigliani liebt es zu provozieren, bevorzugt Künstlerkollege Picasso, den Wein und die Frauen. Mit einer recht dunklen Farbpalette arbeitet Mick Davis in seiner ehrenwerten, gediegen gehaltenen Inszenierung, die Kameramann Emmanuel Kadosh den Vorgaben entsprechend virtuos umzusetzen versteht. Im Check this out sind die Städte in ganz Europa angeschlagen more info teilweise zerstört. Paris, Ende der more info Jahre. TOP 5 Stars. Ohne Zweifel hat der Here Modigliani seine Qualitäten. So wird etwa seit Jahren berichtet, Picasso habe noch auf dem Sterbebett Modiglianis Namen gemurmelt. Herzigova will ihr Leben see more Supermodel Eva Herzigova hat viel erlebt. TOP 5 Stars. Modigliani Filminfos TV. Alle anzeigen. Weniger Infos Cast. Weitere Filme modigliani film Mick Davis. Der Weltkrieg hat viele Schattenseiten mit sich gebracht, doch in Paris ist die Stimmung nicht this web page zu kriegen. Liga live Sport - Uhr. Januar eine Meningitis Modiglianis turbulenter jähriger Existenz ein Ende bereitet. Mehr Infos. Mit einer recht dunklen Farbpalette arbeitet Mick Davis in seiner ehrenwerten, gediegen gehaltenen Inszenierung, die Kameramann Emmanuel Kadosh den Vorgaben entsprechend virtuos umzusetzen versteht. Paris, Ende der zwanziger Jahre. Read article an den Folgen seiner Tuberkulose-Erkrankung. Andy Garcia überzeugt in der Rolle des Malers, der erst nach seinem Tod zum Star wurde und sich Zeit seines Lebens gern als verwirrter junger Mann gab, der auf der Felskante über dem Abgrund tänzelte, zu viel trank und auch sonst im Leben nicht zurechtkam.

Picasso il urmaza, iar Parisul priveste cu frenezie competitia dintre cei doi mari artisti ai vremii.

Contact Cumpara reclama! Politica de Confidentialitate. Skip to content Amedeo Modigliani Andy Garcia — sculptor si pictor italian, ucenic al lui Brancusi, cu puternice influente africane in arta sa, traieste o tragica poveste de dragoste cu Jeanne Elsa Zylberstein , o frumoasa tanara catolica in Parisul inceputului de secol XX.

Next Post Mimic Indeed, the two painters are much alike in their assurance, although Picasso is much more pragmatic, a crowd-pleaser who disdains poverty in pursuit of art.

Unfortunately, Modigliani's life is too short, his brokenhearted muse inconsolable, left with a daughter and another baby on the way, disowned by her rigid Catholic father.

The loss of her lover is indeed tragic; as she says to Picasso after Amadeo's death, "At the end of your life, you will say his name, Modigliani" In fact, it is said that this is the last word Picasso uttered.

French society only belatedly applauds the talent of this iconoclastic artist, a shabby painter who dances in the snowy streets of Paris to music only he can hear, shadowed by the boy he once was.

Played out in vignettes of childhood memory, the agonies of failure and the natural rebelliousness of a man who cannot fit into society's expectations, Modigliani spirals through the years carelessly, driven only to paint, to dream, to seek oblivion, to paint again.

What I find particularly striking about this film, despite the many criticisms, is Garcia's ability to capture the essence of the creative spirit, unfettered by society's dictates, in fact, unable to perform responsibly.

When he fails to meet the standards of a family man, or even to make a viable living, Modigliani escapes into a haze of narcotics and alcohol, the need to disappear married to his artistic genius.

What appears pitiful, a man squandering his talent, is familiar to such a man, his inner visions demanding to be brought to life.

It is not surprising that Modigliani hurls towards death, helpless in the face of his own self-destruction. It is in his nature, torment built into his psyche, creative demons unleashed.

In sharp contrast, the sensitive love story between Amadeo and Jeanne Hebuterne reveals the depth of his compassion and curiosity, the gleam in the actor's eyes speaking to the profound absurdities of his life.

It is often difficult to comprehend the creative impulse that leaves artists on the edge of decency and acceptability, ever pushing boundaries in a quest to feel the breath of God.

It is this arrogant, yet heartbreaking quest that Garcia portrays so brilliantly, his appreciation of Modigliani's spirit that lifts the performance- and that of the talented Elsa Zilberstein- above the script and director's deficiencies, riding on the musical score and stunning cinematography to remind us of the price of genius.

Disappointed by this movie. Even when I don't like a movie i usually watch it to the end hoping it will redeem itself. In this case, i turned it off before it was over.

I like Andy Garcia but his performance was unenthusiastic. It had no real story and went from one scene to the next without coherence.

Over all, poor story line, poor performances from actors. One person found this helpful. Disorganized, pretentious artsy drivel.

Good cast is wasted. Very disappointing. I cannot really put it better than Robert Malherbe' s review.

Sentimental, melodramatic and factually far from reality. The movie went on far to long and really has nothing much to say of significance.

If you are interested in the period and the Parisian School you many like "Picasso's Gang". Quite a different type of movie and more entertaining.

Andy Garcia is perfectly cast as Modigliani, a bohemian artist living in the outskirts of Montparnasse with his artist friends including Picasso.

Perfectly talented, he shuns the lifestyle of the bourgeoisie preferring to befriend people in the streets. He is often without money and struggles making a living painting portraits of women with elongated necks, sculpted faces with empty eyes.

He tells his girlfriend that he will paint the eyes once he can "see the soul". Modigliani is dashing and charming, it's no wonder many women fall for him and want to be painted by him.

Jeanne who leaves her conservative Catholic upbringing only endures painfully what it is to love such a man. Modigliani is beautifully told from the point of Modigliani, the artist.

One can get an intimate glimpse at the lifestyles of the struggling artists back in those days, some of whose names are titans in the art world today.

I really felt like I could get a better understanding of Modigliani's passion, his struggles both as a man and as an artist.

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Although the film is billed as fiction, and indeed some of it is, the main elements are very close to the actual later life of Modigliani.

The rivalry between Picasso and Modigliani is clearly added to spice up the plot and is largely fiction. Andy Garcia looks like Modigliani and his acting is excellent as is that of many other members of the cast.

The film depicts the last few tragic years of the life of the artist. Despite the reservations above, the film is well worth watching and compliments very nicely the current exhibition about the artist.

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Modigliani and Picasso were friends but never rivals; Modigliani died before Picasso was even an established artist.

The premise of rivalry to the point of feud does neither artist justice, least of all Picasso; I felt sorry for Omid Djalili a fine actor otherwise who had to struggle with such a mean-spirited and untruthful portrayal by the dunce who wrote and directed this.

Just having been to the Tate Modigliani exhibition, I was looking forward to watching this movie about a fabulous artist.

The film is thoroughly disappointing with loads of historical mistakes and exaggerations and cheesy cliches. The soundtrack is incongruous.

Read the professional film critics reviews on Rotten Tomatoes or the wikipedia entry for the film. Really bad. Garcia successfully portrays 'Moddy' Dedo to his friends as defiantly anti Bourgeois, to his grave.

I was cheering all the way through. Cinematography great. Over-acted with a fair bit of time wasted on long , lingering looks, and irrlevancies.

Load more international reviews. The problem with a film about a real person is that you don't know how much to believe - even with the disclaimer at the beginning I thought that there would be no point in making the film unless there was some truth in it so I watched it wondering "Why didn't I know that?

That said i thought the visuals were rather good, I liked Andy Garcia's acting and Picasso was splendid. I now want to find a book on the real life of Modigliani!!

Film: Modigliani - Ein Leben in Leidenschaft. Länge: Minuten. Altersempfehlung: keine Angabe. FSK-Freigabe: Ab 12 Jahren. Regie: Mick Davis. Darsteller. Ein Portrait des Malers Amedeo Modigliani, das u.a. auch ständige Rivalität mit Pablo Picasso und seine tragische Beziehungen zu Jeanne Hebuterne und. Zwischen dem künstlerischen Erfolg und den Entbehrungen und selbstdestruktiven Tendenzen ist auch Mike Davis Biopic Modigliani über den. Während Picasso mit seinen Werken immer größere Erfolge feiert, leben Modigliani und seine Geliebte Jeanne Hébuterne in erdrückender Armut. Die Konkurrenz. ModiglianiModigliani · DVD. Original Filmname: Modigliani. Filmart: Spielfilm. Verpackung: Softbox. Veröffentlichung: Label: 3L. EAN. modigliani film

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GBR, Länge Min, ab Die Liebe und Leidenschaft regiert die Nächte in Paris. Doch der Film bietet keinen Rückblick auf sein komplettes Lebenswerk, sondern er beschäftigt sich lediglich mit dem letzten Lebensjahr des Künstlers. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Im Namen des Gesetzes Serie - Uhr. Paris, Ende der zwanziger Jahre.

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