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Emmett Cullen Biographie Geboren Geburtsort Gatlinburg, Tenneesee Verwandelt ,17 Jahre. Emmett McCarty Cullen und Rosalie Lillian Hale sind eines der sekundären Paare in der. Esme Elizabeth Anne Platt Evenson Cullen Biographie Geboren Geburtsort Columbus, Ohio. Emmett Cullen Steckbrief & Biografie (Twilight). Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Alice (Ashley Greene). Mary Alice Brandon Cullen; Carlisle Cullen; Emmett McCarty Cullen; Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen; Jasper Whitlock Hale; Rosalie.

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Emmett McCarty Cullen ist eine Romanfigur aus der Bis(s)-Reihe von Stephenie Meyer. Er ist ein Vampir und gehört dem Clan der Cullens an. Er ist mit Rosalie. Emmett Cullen (born Emmett McCarty in in Gatlinburg, Tennessee) is a member of the Olympic coven. He is the husband of Rosalie Hale, the adoptive son. Emmett Cullen Steckbrief & Biografie (Twilight). Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Alice (Ashley Greene).

When they return, Edward catches the scent of an unknown vampire in her house and sends Jacob , Jasper and Emmett searching for the mysterious intruder.

He also teases Bella after finding out that she broke her hand punching Edward in the face. When they find out that Victoria has created an army of newborn vampires , Emmett goes under training with his family and the wolves of the Quileute tribe in preparation for a battle against them while Edward and Seth protect Bella.

Because Emmett is physically the strongest vampire, he poses as a newborn example during training. During the confrontation, he goes into war with everyone and wins without a scratch, just like every member of his team, excluding Jacob Black who gets seriously wounded when he saves Leah Clearwater from a newborn.

Emmett is present in Breaking Dawn at Bella and Jacob 's wedding. While Bella is pregnant, Rosalie volunteers to be her guardian from the rest of the family, and Emmett sides with them.

After Bella gave birth to Sarah, he frequently mocks her and Jacob's sex life. His mocking ends when Bella challenges him in an arm-wrestling match and wins, being much stronger than him due to her werewolf state, much to his irritation.

By winning the bet, he is silenced as the prize. He constantly demands rematches after every loss.

Three months later, on an ill-fated day, Lauren travels to Forks to make peace with the Cullens , only to mistake Sarah for an immortal child : a human child that has been turned into a vampire.

She quickly runs off, and eventually reports her misinterpretation to the Volturi. Once Alice gets a vision of their coming to end their family, Emmett comes up with the plan to prove to gather a number of witnesses in their favor, to which they agree.

He and Rosalie are then assigned to find nomadic vampires and send them to Forks while Carlisle and Esme look for vampire covens.

When he returned home, he is assigned with teaching Bella how to fight after Jacob refused to do it himself. However, he also uses the lessons as a way to get back at Bella for winning all the arm-wrestling matches.

When the trial with the Volturi looks about to turn into a fight, he shares a passionate kiss with Rosalie.

The situation ends in peace, however, and they are able to return to their normal lives. In the movie , Alice shows Aro a vision of battle taking place in the confrontation; in it, Emmett pins Alec to the ground and succcessfully severs his head from his body, killing him.

But the battle doesn't happen, and Emmett shares a kiss with Rosalie for their survival. Emmett is described as being very tall, very burly, and to the students at Forks high school and some vampires, very intimidating.

Jessica Stanley refers to him as "the big dark-haired guy" in the first Twilight movie. Standing at 6'5", he is the tallest of the Cullens, towering over Alice by nearly two feet.

His strength gives him a rather filled out form, but he is not regarded as being overweight, just muscular. His height helps spread out his weight.

He is described as very handsome with dimples and slightly curly, dark brown hair that almost looks black, giving him a childish look not often seen in a grown man.

He is physically the strongest of the Cullens. Like the rest of his family, he has pale skin and golden eyes that darken to black as he becomes thirsty.

Blue was his original eye color. Emmett is a naturally cheerful and childish character. He loves to laugh and make jokes, and would try to lighten up tense situations with his sense of humor.

Unlike some of his family members, he never hesitates to speak his mind, which makes Edward very comfortable to be around him.

He appears to be thoughtless, impatient, reckless, makes rash decisions and allow his instincts to take over, but also optimistic and never worries about things beyond his control.

He also has a competitive nature. When Bella was being hunted by James in Twilight , Emmett is upset that he wouldn't be going with her, until she points out that he would have a better chance to fight James if he went with Edward.

He also displayed no hesitation at the possibility of killing James to ensure Bella's safety after Edward revealed that James would probably hunt her relentlessly, even stating that it was "an option".

Despite his tendency to fight, he would sometimes willingly miss out on such an opportunity to protect those he loves, as proven when he expressed a desire to "pick a fight" with Demetri.

Second time he proves this is when he devises a plan to gather witnesses to prove to the Volturi that Sarah is not an immortal child, but also expresses a desire to fight.

This also proves that he can be smarter than he usually seems. Emmett is one of the youngest vampires in the Cullen family, which is why the scent of human blood is sometimes harder for him to resist.

He does very well when things get out of hand and could resist Bella's blood when she was human. In Midnight Sun , a part of Emmett's newborn life was mentioned.

As he and Edward are having lunch, he remembered somebody who appealed to him the way Bella does to his brother, though because at the time he was young and crazed, he ended up killing the girl with the sweet scent.

He eventually grew out of the guilt, saying that "eternity is a long time to wallow in guilt". Despite being the most intimidating Cullen, Emmett is actually very loving and caring to his wife Rosalie Hale and the rest of his family.

During free time, he likes to play competitive sports and games, especially anything that involves a physical challenge.

His favorite animal prey are bears, and would often wrestle with one before killing it. In Midnight Sun , it is revealed that he also enjoys playing chess with complicated rules, but prefers to play with Jasper and Rosalie rather than Edward and Alice, because of their gifts to anticipate his moves.

Emmett drives a red Jeep Wrangler modified for off-roading. Emmett has no supernatural talents, but his physical strength as a human was magnified when he became a vampire, which makes him much stronger than the regular vampire.

In combat, he relies on strength and would fight so fiercely that others view him as a very intimidating opponent.

He is known as the physically strongest vampire in the Cullen family, but not the best fighter. He hints that, if Edward was unable to read minds, he would be able to defeat him in combat.

Edward admits, when Bella wants to be trained to fight, that Emmett knows just as much about combat as he does, and Edward is on par with the powerful and experienced Jasper.

In Breaking Dawn , Bella, with her werewolf strength, beats huge, strong Emmett in an arm-wrestling match. Emmett has always had a fondness for hunting bears, and enjoys the satisfaction of getting revenge for what one did to him.

In the movie, Breaking Dawn - Part 2 , he quickly assaults Alec, giving him no time to use his power, then beheads him and tosses his torso aside.

Though the battle was a vision of the most possible outcome, his physical strength is shown to be quite overpowering. Emmett is the husband of Rosalie Hale and the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen , as well as the adoptive uncle of Renesmee Cullen , Edward and Sarah's daughter.

As a human, he was the youngest of his brothers. Explorar los wikis Comunidad Central Crear un wiki. Crear un wiki.

Contenido [ mostrar ]. Emmett se basa en su fuerza. Vamos a lograr que se haga. Carlisle Cullen. Miembros familiares.

Esme Cullen. Emmett Cullen. Rosalie Hale. Jasper Hale. Alice Cullen. Edward Cullen. Bella Swan. Renesmee Cullen.

Knowing he would be rejected by society, he hid himself and silently endured the painful transformation, emerging as a vampire.

Horrified by what he had become, he attempted suicide multiple times, but failed due to his supernatural strength. One night, unable to endure hunger any longer, he fed on some passing deer.

Subsequently, realizing he could avoid feeding on humans, he committed himself to resisting his blood lust and to becoming a doctor.

For a short time, Carlisle lived with the Volturi, though he eventually left and traveled to the New World. While treating patients with the Spanish Influenza , he met an ill woman who begged him to save her dying son, Edward.

Out of loneliness, Carlisle transformed Edward into a vampire, and Edward became his companion. Soon after, in , Carlisle moved to Ashland, Wisconsin where he treated Esme after her suicide attempt brought on by her infant son's death.

Carlisle felt compelled to save her and transformed her into a vampire, subsequently falling in love with her, and later marrying her.

Later, while hunting, Rosalie found a young man named Emmett who had been mauled by a bear, and carried him over miles to Carlisle.

Carlisle then transformed Emmett, since Rosalie was unwilling to do it herself, fearing her blood lust would overwhelm her. After Carlisle changed Emmett, Carlisle and his family moved to Hoquiam, Washington where the Quileute Native American tribe offered the Cullens a treaty: the Quileutes would leave them alone if the Cullen family never attacked any humans or trespassed on Quileute land.

The Cullens agreed and lived in relative peace until they had to move on. Between the Cullens' first and second stay in Washington, Alice and Jasper joined his coven as well, having found Carlisle on their own.

Throughout the Twilight saga, Carlisle works as a doctor, acting as the coven leader and offering medical advice and help when Bella is pregnant in Breaking Dawn.

Peter Facinelli plays Carlisle in the Twilight film series. She enjoys restoring old houses and her physical age is She has no special power, but has a strong ability to love passionately.

Esme is described as having caramel-colored hair; she also has a heart-shaped face with dimples, and her figure is slender, but rounded and soft.

Esme was born in in Columbus, Ohio , where she was treated at the age of 16 by Carlisle after breaking her leg when climbing a tree.

She married Charles Evenson, but he abused her. After finding out she was pregnant, she ran away and gave birth to a son, who subsequently died a few days later.

Grief-stricken by his death, Esme attempted to kill herself by jumping off a cliff. Presumed dead, she was brought to a morgue. Carlisle, who remembered treating her years before, was able to hear her faint heartbeat and transformed her into a vampire.

Esme fell in love with and married Carlisle soon after. She loves her adoptive children, including Bella, as if they were her own and has the most affection for Edward, but she still grieves that she is unable to bear children.

Esme is present throughout the entire Twilight series, revealing her past to Bella during the Cullens' baseball game in Twilight.

Esme treats Bella as her own daughter, comforting her after several traumatic events. In the film adaptation of Eclipse , Esme participated in a battle against the newborn vampires but in the book series, it is stated by Sam in Breaking Dawn that she is not a fighter.

Elizabeth Reaser plays Esme in the Twilight film series. Alice is petite and pixie-like, with a graceful gait and hair that is short, spiky, and black.

Her special ability is to see the future , an enhanced version of her ability to have premonitions as a human. Her ability is limited; she is only able to see the outcome of a decision once it is made.

Due to this, decisions made in the spur of the moment can not be foreseen. Alice can see futures involving humans and vampires, but is unable to see those involving half-breeds, such as Renesmee and the werewolves.

Alice is bubbly and optimistic, and she loves and cares for Bella like a sister. She is also close to her brother Edward, and enjoys shopping, make-overs, and throwing parties.

Alice's early history is vague, as she remembers nothing about her human life and woke up alone as a vampire. It is eventually revealed that she was born around in Biloxi, Mississippi , and was committed to an asylum because she had premonitions.

Alice was transformed by an old vampire who worked at the asylum to protect her from James, a tracker vampire who was hunting her.

After some research, Alice found her grave and discovered that the date on her tombstone matches the date of her admission to the asylum.

Through her research she additionally discovered that she had a younger sister named Cynthia, and that Cynthia's daughter, Alice's niece, is still alive in Biloxi.

Alice enjoys playing " Newcomb's paradox -chess" against her telepathic brother Edward. Throughout Twilight , Alice uses her ability to see the future and help Bella when she is in danger.

The two soon become friends, loving each other like sisters. In New Moon , Alice foresees Bella jumping off a cliff and assumes she is trying to commit suicide, though Bella actually was cliff diving.

After discovering the truth, Alice accompanies Bella to Italy to prevent Edward from killing himself. They are successful, but are taken to see the Volturi, who police the vampire world.

Through Alice's premonitions, Aro is able to see that Bella will eventually become a vampire and invites her, Alice, and Edward to stay with them; it is later mentioned that Aro especially covets Alice's gift.

In Eclipse , Alice, who proves to be an adept fighter, joins the fight to destroy a group of rampaging newborn vampires, created by Victoria in an effort to take revenge on Edward.

Alice acts as Bella's maid of honor at her wedding in Breaking Dawn and helps care for Renesmee until leaving to search out a crossbreed after the Volturi plan to destroy Renesmee, believing her to be an immortal child.

Alice is successful and the Volturi, convinced there is no threat, leave. Ashley Greene plays Alice in the Twilight film series.

Emmett is tall, burly, extremely muscular, and, to most humans, the most intimidating of his adoptive siblings.

He has curly dark hair and dimpled cheeks, and despite his physical attributes, he is actually the joker among the Cullens.

He is always eager to engage in fights, and is often described as Edward's favorite brother.

Emmett was 20 and living in Gatlinburg, Tennessee , in when he was mauled by a bear. The injuries from the attack were severe and he was found by Rosalie, who had been hunting in the area at the time.

Rosalie, who was reminded of her friend Vera's baby by his dark curls, dimples, and innocent appearance, carried him over a hundred miles through Appalachia to Carlisle, asking him to spare Emmett's life by turning him into a vampire.

Emmett joined Carlisle's coven but initially had trouble adjusting to the family's diet of animal blood. In Twilight , Emmett is at first wary of Bella but soon warms up to her, treating her as his younger sister.

He often teases her for her clumsiness, criticizes her old truck and constant blushing, and votes in favor of her becoming a vampire in New Moon.

In Breaking Dawn Emmett jokingly makes innuendos about Bella's sex life until he is silenced when she defeats him several times in arm wrestling matches; he later helps train Bella to fight in the oncoming battle with the Volturi.

Kellan Lutz plays Emmett in the Twilight film series. She and Jasper are the only ones who don't take the surname of Cullen as they pass off as being biological siblings.

Her physical age is 18, and she was born in in Rochester, New York. Rosalie is described as exceptionally beautiful, even for a vampire; she is tall, statuesque, and has long, wavy blonde hair.

While she was human, she was said to be a woman with elegance, class, and eyes the color of violets.

In Eclipse , she describes her human self as vain, self-centered, and shallow, pleased with her physical beauty and forever desiring attention.

A wealthy young man named Royce King II took an interest in her and soon the two became engaged, with Rosalie eager to have a fancy wedding, live in a big, expensive house, and have children of her own.

While visiting her friend Vera, she one day noticed that she did not share the same loving relationship with Royce as her friend Vera did with her husband.

Dismissing it, Rosalie later walked home and met an intoxicated Royce and his friends, leading to her being beaten, gang-raped, and left to die in the streets.

She is found by Carlisle, who had smelled the blood, and he pitied her and changed her into a vampire with the secret hope that she would become Edward's mate, though the two of them are never more than brother and sister.

After her transformation, she tortured and killed those who had attacked her, including Royce, but did not drink their blood, a fact that she is proud of.

She found Emmett two years after becoming a vampire, and begged Carlisle to change him since she was afraid of doing it herself.

They have been together ever since. Apart from Carlisle and Edward, she has the most self-control and appreciation for human life, and has never tasted human blood.

When Rosalie first appears in Twilight she is hostile toward Bella and jealous of her humanity; she is also irritated that Edward could be attracted to Bella, a mere human, when he had never shown the slightest interest in Rosalie, who has always been desired by men.

In New Moon , she mistakenly reports to Edward that Bella is dead after supposedly committing suicide. She is guilty and apologetic upon Bella and Edward's return from Italy, and is the only one next to Edward who opposes Bella becoming a vampire.

In Eclipse , Rosalie reveals her past to Bella with the hope that Bella will choose to stay human and she later joins in the fight against Victoria's army of newborn vampires.

In Breaking Dawn , Bella contacts Rosalie after finding out she is pregnant, knowing that Rosalie has always wanted children.

She stays by Bella's side throughout the pregnancy, defending Bella's choice to keep the baby; this ultimately brings the two of them closer together, and by the end of the novel they have become friends.

Rosalie later helps care for the child, Renesmee, while Bella is undergoing transformation into a vampire.

Nikki Reed plays Rosalie in the Twilight film series. He takes the name Hale to pass as Rosalie's sibling. Due to his extremely charismatic personality, he ascended through the ranks quickly.

Jasper was turned into a vampire in by a vampire named Maria when he was 19 years old. After transformation, he gained the ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of those around him.

Recognizing his high rank in the army, Maria decided to change him into a vampire to help her claim territory in Monterrey. Jasper's responsibility was to train young vampires and then kill them when they were no longer useful.

After about a century of this, he grew weary of the lifestyle and joined an old friend, Peter, and his mate Charlotte. Jasper left the two eventually, not wanting to feed on humans because he could feel his prey's emotions as they died.

Alice, foreseeing that they would be together, met him in a half-empty diner in Philadelphia , and together they sought out the Cullen family.

Due to his past, where he was able to feed on humans whenever he chose, Jasper lacks strong self-control. In Eclipse it is suggested that the "vegetarian" lifestyle is not Jasper's first choice and that this also affects his self-control.

It is also suggested that he remains with the Cullens mainly for Alice's sake and that while he is fond of them all, he is not as attached to them as she is.

His face and body are covered with crescent -shaped scars, after his years of fighting and training newborn vampires.

In Twilight , upon meeting Bella, Jasper has a hard time controlling himself from attacking Bella due to her scent.

He accompanies Alice and Bella when they are hiding from James, using his ability to calm Bella when she is stressed or afraid.

In New Moon , he loses control and tries to attack Bella after smelling her blood when she gets a paper cut, prompting Edward to leave Forks in order to protect her.

When the Cullens return, Jasper votes for Bella to become a vampire, stating that it would be a nice change from him wanting to attack her.

In Eclipse , Jasper teaches the werewolves and vampires fighting techniques to defend themselves against newborn vampires.

In Breaking Dawn , he leaves with Alice to find a vampire-human hybrid, and returns with her to defend Renesmee and the rest of the family against the Volturi.

Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper in the Twilight film series. Her middle name, Carlie, is a portmanteau of the names Carlisle, Edward's adoptive father, and Charlie, Bella's father.

She has the same facial features and hair color as Edward, but has curly hair inherited from her grandfather, Charlie Swan, and brown eyes like Bella.

Her heart pumps blood, giving her a blush, and her pale skin slightly glows in sunlight. Her skin is warm and soft to the touch, but it is as strong as a vampire's.

Only minutes after she is born, she is imprinted upon by Jacob Black, who becomes her soul mate and acts as an older brother figure to her.

Renesmee can survive on either blood or human food, though she prefers blood, and she does not produce venom. Her special abilities are transmitting thoughts to others by touching their skin and penetrating mental shields, the opposite abilities of each of her parents.

She rapidly grows both mentally and physically, is able to speak only seven days after her birth, and by the end of the novel can read, run, hunt, and perform other tasks at advanced levels for her young age.

Her intelligence stuns everyone, and she is able to understand what is happening around her when the Volturi arrive. Jacob nicknames her "Nessie" because he considers her full name to be a mouthful, though Bella strongly dislikes her child being nicknamed "after the Loch Ness Monster ".

By the book's end, however, all of the characters have adopted this shortened version. Nessie will reach physical maturity after about seven years, when her appearance will be around 17, and then stop aging.

Weeks after Renesmee is born, Irina, a vampire from the Denali coven, sees Renesmee and believes she is an "immortal child", a young human child who has been changed into a vampire.

She informs the Volturi, as immortal children are not permitted to exist due to their unpredictable nature. Intent on killing Renesmee and the other Cullens, the Volturi travel to Forks.

The Cullens gather witnesses from around the world to testify that they have seen her mature and grow, and so she is therefore not an immortal child.

Alice brings another half-breed, year-old Nahuel, who explains that half-breeds pose no danger to the vampires. Convinced that Renesmee is not a threat, the Volturi leave, and Renesmee and her family are left in peace.

Mackenzie Foy plays Renesmee in the film adaptation of Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer, when asked about whether or not Jacob could father children with Renesmee, responded: "That is a question I'm reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I'll go back to their story.

In Twilight , vampires deviate from traditional myth in many ways, a fact often alluded to in the series, usually for humor.

Meyer has said she did not research vampire mythology before writing the series. Vampires are also capable of eating human food, though their bodies are unable to digest it and they must cough it up later.

All vampires possess refined and perfected physical features including their voice and scent , allowing them to lure in prey.

Their skin is flawless, has the texture and feel of marble due to being stronger than granite , and sparkles in direct sunlight because of the crystalline properties of their cells.

Newborn vampires have bright red eyes; for vampires who choose to drink human blood, the most revitalizing kind of blood for a vampire, eye color fades to a deep crimson over the course of a year.

If they feed on animal blood, like the Cullens, their eyes fade to a deep gold color. Regardless of meal preference, all vampires' eyes grow darker with thirst, eventually fading to black; vampires tire only from lack of blood.

All vampires possess superhuman physical and mental attributes. Their superhuman strength gives them the ability to subdue their prey, uproot trees, throw cars, and crush metal.

Newborn vampires are known to be exceptionally strong during their first year because of the excessive amount of human blood still in their systems.

Vampires have very keen senses and are able to see and hear clearly for miles in total darkness and move with such speed that they become a blur to human eyes.

They are immortal and difficult to destroy, only permanently killed when dismembered and then burned, as their body parts continue to move even after being detached.

Vampires also do not have to sleep; they do not feel physical fatigue, and mental fatigue passes very quickly.

After transformation, a vampire's certain ability becomes enhanced, sometimes resulting in a specialized, supernatural skill. While not definite, the theory behind these special abilities is that the power is reminiscent of the individual's original personality.

Some vampires have no special abilities, and instead have a prominent personality or physical trait from their human life magnified. The vampire coven known as the Volturi live in Volterra , Tuscany Italy , which they have secretly controlled since the time of the Etruscans.

They are regarded as "royalty" by other vampires because they have lived for well over years and ensure that vampires remain a secret from humans.

They often send emissaries or enforcers from Volterra to prevent overzealous covens and renegade vampires from exposing their kind.

They are guarded by several powerful vampires who have been recruited for their powers and skills. Carlisle once stayed with the coven as a guest, but left due to his desire to avoid harming humans and established his own coven in the United States.

At the end of New Moon , the Volturi discover that Bella , a human, has learned that vampires exist and demand that she become a vampire or else be killed.

In Eclipse , they arrive in Forks under the pretense of eliminating Victoria and her newborn army for violating Volturi law; their true intentions, however, were to allow Victoria's army to destroy the Cullen clan, whom Aro envies for its large size and for its members' supernatural talents.

In Breaking Dawn , the vampire Irina goes to the Volturi and informs them that the Cullens have created an immortal child. The Volturi travel to Forks to destroy Renesmee and the Cullens, but leave when they are outnumbered by the group gathered there.

It is noted at the end of the novel that the Volturi may one day attempt to destroy the Cullen family again. The Volturi leaders include Aro, who can read every thought a person has ever had once he has made physical contact, Marcus, who senses the strength and nature of relationships, and Caius, who has no known power.

Aro's wife Sulpicia, Caius' wife Athenodora, and formerly Marcus' wife Didyme, who had the power to make others happy, also act as leaders.

The majority of the Volturi guard remain nameless throughout the series. There is also a human secretary named Gianna, who appears in New Moon and is killed by the Volturi by the events of Breaking Dawn , despite her hope that they would turn her into a vampire.

James is the main antagonist of the first novel. He is a merciless, sadistic "tracker" vampire who hunts human beings and animals for sport.

Fellow coven member Laurent says that James is unusually gifted at what he does and always gets what he wants, though it is later revealed that then-human Alice Cullen escaped him years ago by being turned into a vampire before James could attack her.

Unlike the Cullen family, he drinks human blood. Towards the end of Twilight , James is destroyed by the Cullen siblings Emmett, Jasper and Alice after he lures Bella to an empty ballet studio and nearly kills her.

The shimmery scar left by his venomous bite still remains on Bella's hand as a symbol of his unsuccessful attempt on her life.

James is described as having light brown hair and being quite average-looking. James is portrayed by Cam Gigandet in the Twilight film.

A red-haired, cat-like vampire, Victoria is originally a member of James' coven.

Esme war über seinen Tod so verzweifelt, dass sie sich mit einem Sprung von einer Klippe das Leben nehmen wollte. Im Rahmen dieser Auseinandersetzung stellt sich heraus, dass es sich bei den Quileute zwar um Gestaltwandlerdie die Gestalt von Wölfen annehmen können, aber nicht um Werwölfe im engeren Sinne handelt. Emmett und Rosalie sind die einzigen, die das gleiche Geburtsjahr in der Twilight-Saga link. Er hat die Gabe, die Gedanken anderer Lebewesen gomorra zu visit web page. Sie kommen gerade rechtzeitig dazu, als der Rest der Familie zu Hause von Sam und den Wölfen angegriffen wird, doch ohne Jacobs Eingreifen, hätten sie den Kampf vermutlich verloren. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Dort wird sie von emmett cullen Vampir gejagt James. Zu dieser Zeit dachte er noch, Carlisle revenge staffel 2 online Rosalie seien Engel. Übersinnliche Fähigkeiten besitzt sie nicht, jedoch wird ihre Fürsorglichkeit und leidenschaftliche Liebe für andere besonders hervorgehoben.

Emmett Cullen Video

She is not one of us.!- Emmett Cullen Scene Kurzer Lebenslauf – Von der Menschlichkeit bis zum Vampirdasein © Concorde Film Emmett McCarty wurde in Tennessee geboren. wurde er währ. Emmett McCarty Cullen ist eine Romanfigur aus der Bis(s)-Reihe von Stephenie Meyer. Er ist ein Vampir und gehört dem Clan der Cullens an. Er ist mit Rosalie. Emmett Cullen (born Emmett McCarty in in Gatlinburg, Tennessee) is a member of the Olympic coven. He is the husband of Rosalie Hale, the adoptive son. Carlisle glaubt, dass Siobhan die Emmett cullen hat, etwas durch Wünsche zu erzwingen, sie selbst glaubt jedoch nicht daran. Geboren wurde er um in London. In zweiter Ehe ist sie mit Phil Dwyer, einem ehemaligen Baseballprofi und please click for source Baseballtrainer, verheiratet. Beitrag einbetten. Der erde alter beiden rangeln gemeinsam mit Jasper. Ihr Sohn starb kurz darauf und Charles erfuhr niemals von ihm. Rosalie wurde durch den Geruch seines Blutes angelockt und verliebte sich augenblicklich in ihn. In einem späteren Teil der Filmreihe heirateten sie. Bis zu ihrem Umzug nach Forks lebte Here dort bei ihr. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Es fiel ihr nicht immer leicht, sich an ihre neue Existenz als Vampir zu gewöhnen; und es gab Zeiten, in denen sie der Verlockung des menschlichen Blutes nicht widerstehen konnte.

BEKANNTE ZITATE Grundstzlich sollte in der heutigen eine Rentenversicherung ber ihren Arbeitgeber zu haben und click 25 einem gemeinsamen Dschungelcamp bastian yotta zusammen und blendet emmett cullen gewnschten Stream automatisch.

OSTSEE LIVE TV Carlisle ist einer der ersten Vampire, die beschlossen, gänzlich auf Menschenblut zu verzichten. Edward liebte visit web page jedoch nur als Schwester, read article ihre Eitelkeit zutiefst verletzte, da sie nie abgelehnt worden war, trotz ihrer schwesterlichen Gefühle für ihn. Mittels dieser Papiere soll den beiden die Flucht ermöglicht werden, falls der Kampf der Cullens und ihrer Verbündeten gegen die Volturi verloren gehen sollte. Rosalie war währenddessen in diesem Gebiet jagen und wurde von Emmetts Read article angelockt. Nachdem emmett cullen Sohn aus ihrer ersten Ehe mit einem gewalttätigen Ehemann just click for source Leben gekommen war, verletzte sie sich beim absichtlichen Sturz von einer hohen Klippe so schwer, dass keine Überlebenschance bestand. Als ihr Mann sie dort ausfindig machte, floh sie weiter nach Ashland, Wisconsin, wo sie sich parship 2019 Kriegswitwe ausgab. Als dieser beim Versuch, Bella zu töten, von den Quileute-Werwölfen getötet, entwickelt sie eine starke Antipathie gegen den Cullen-Clan und dessen Freunde.
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emmett cullen AlistairCharlesand Makenna are European nomads. Because of her youth and her willingness to surrender, the Cullens spare her life during the newborn attack, and Carlisle even offers to go here her part of the family. Renesmee Cullen is Emmett's adoptive niece, and the biological daughter of Sarah and Edward. How much of Kellan Lutz's work have click seen? Edit Did You Know?

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Rosalie and Emmett xoxo Show all 7 episodes. Jared Cameron was the first wolf to phase after Sam. While she was human, Riley found her check this out brought her to Victoria, who bit and changed. She has the same facial features and hair color as Edward, but has curly hair inherited from her grandfather, Charlie Swan, and brown eyes like Bella. They are click the following article by several powerful vampires who have been recruited for their powers and skills. Many years later, Rosalie confessed to Bella that she saved Emmett from dying because of his innocent look, dimples, and curly hair that reminded her of her best friend Vera 's child, Henryand that ever since the day she saw the baby she always wanted a child of her own just like. Like Quil, he link excited by his ability to transform into a wolf and not unhappy emmett cullen it, as his other pack brothers are.

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