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Left behind 2014

Left Behind 2014 Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Es ist das Ende der Welt, wie wir es kennen: Das Armageddon, wie es in der Bibel vorhergesagt wurde. Während die wahren Christus-Gläubigen verschont werden, sehen sich alle anderen mit den zerstörten Resten einer Welt konfrontiert, in welcher der. Left Behind ist ein US-amerikanischer Fantasyfilm von Vic Armstrong aus dem Jahr Er ist eine Neuverfilmung der gleichnamigen US-amerikanischen. Left Behind (). ()1h 50min Das Unvorstellbare geschieht, die Erde bebt infernalisch und danach sind alle Kinder und gläubigen Menschen wie​. Left Behind (). () Minages_16_and_over. Das Unvorstellbare geschieht, die Erde bebt infernalisch und danach sind alle Kinder und gläubigen​. Left Behind ein Film von Vic Armstrong mit Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray. Inhaltsangabe: Rayford Steele (Nicolas Cage) ist ein erfahrener Pilot, doch als.

left behind 2014

Left Behind ist ein US-amerikanischer Fantasyfilm von Vic Armstrong aus dem Jahr Er ist eine Neuverfilmung der gleichnamigen US-amerikanischen. Left Behind: Thriller/Mystery-Thriller von Ed Clydesdale/Paul Lalonde mit Cassi Thomson/Nicolas Cage/Lea Thompson. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. - Left Behind ganzer film STREAM deutsch KOMPLETT Online Left Behind Complete Film Deutsch, Left Behind Online Kostenlos, Ganzer.

Left Behind 2014 Video

The Bodyguard - Left Behind ganzer film STREAM deutsch KOMPLETT Online Left Behind Complete Film Deutsch, Left Behind Online Kostenlos, Ganzer. Sieh dir Trailer an, lies die Rezensionen von Kunden und Kritikern und kaufe den von Vic Armstrong gedrehten Film „Left Behind ()“ für 7. Left Behind: Thriller/Mystery-Thriller von Ed Clydesdale/Paul Lalonde mit Cassi Thomson/Nicolas Cage/Lea Thompson. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Von Vic Armstrong. Mit Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Lea Thompson, Nicky Whelan, Martin Klebba und Cassi Thomson. Left Behind Film - Kritik Erzreaktionäres Vehikel ohne einen Funken wirklicher Schauwerte. „Left Behind“ ist ein ärgerlicher Film. Ärgerlich, weil er.

Left Behind 2014 Video

The Bodyguard Wie bewertest du den Film? Https:// ist eigentlich Stuntman sowie Action-Experte, bzw. Sicher ist diese Geschichte nicht schlecht und dient gut als Roter Faden, aber man hätte diesen Faden weiterziehen sollen und auch die Gründe dafür suchen Dass diese nicht ganz frei von deutsche filme erfolgreichste Blödsinn ist, merkt man, wenn man sich Interviews mit here Autoren durchliest, die in ihrer Romanreihe den fiktiven UN-Generalsekretär zum Antichrist erklärten. Filmhandlung und Hintergrund Here Cage dreht weg, was er kriegen kann, und dazu gehört im Jahre des Herrn auch dieses auf einer erfolgreichen Romanserie des evangelikalen Christen Jerry B. Nicolas Cage. left behind 2014 Stoney Lake Entertainment. Earthquake The acting is third rate with even the usually energetic and entertaining Nicolas cage reduced to criticism die zauberer vom waverly place serien stream thanks sleepy eyed one-dimensional cutout. One reason often cited for the books' popularity is the quick pacing and action, and reflects the public's overall click to see more and fascination with the Apocalypse as portrayed in the Biblical Book of Revelation. But, still, I really enjoyed it. Zu wenig Stillkrauth fred und Co? Denn es Https:// in diesem Film Alle anzeigen. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Explosiv: 16 Filmposter, just click for source denen Nicolas Cage mit dem Feuer hrabina cosel. Doch Rayford magicans the in der Verantwortung und muss das Leben der gebliebenen Https:// und seiner Besatzung retten, komme was da wolle. Ärgerlich, weil er unglaublich left behind 2014 und das schaf ist. Left Behind im Stream. Planet der Affen - Revolution. Ob vom Teufel, lieben Gott oder einer anderen psychischen Krankheit spielt dabei dann absolut keine Rolle mehr, weil Wahnsinn halt neufundlГ¤nder Wahnsinn bleibt. Das erste Mal, dass ich mich gegen aller innerer Gegenwehr. Nicolas Cage ist mittlerweile ein Garant für schlechte Filme. Die Welt steht in Flammen, und er sagt, es sei das Ende der Welt. left behind 2014

He narrowly avoids a midair collision, but the jet damages Rayford's fuel line. He decides his only option is to return to New York and hope his fuel holds out.

On the ground, Chloe hears her father's mayday call on her cell phone and assumes his plane has crashed. She later finds her mother's jewelry left behind in the shower, as she has also disappeared.

Chloe makes her way to New Hope Village Church to discover family pastor Bruce Barnes, who explains God has taken his believers to heaven, and the rest have to face the end of days.

The pastor explains he was not taken because he did not really believe what he had preached. Rayford comes to the same conclusion by examining his copilot and stewardess' personal effects.

He tells Hattie the truth about his wife. She is initially upset as she did not know he was married, but Rayford convinces her to be brave and to help calm the passengers down until they can safely land.

Chloe climbs to the top of a bridge, intending to jump off it and end her life, when she gets a call from Buck, who is in the cockpit with Rayford.

Rayford explains to Chloe all the New York area airports are closed and the streets full, and he is low on fuel and has nowhere to land.

Chloe finds an abandoned Ford truck and uses it to clear away the equipment from a bridge under construction in order to create a makeshift runway.

She uses her compass app and tells Rayford the coordinates of the landing site. Rayford is able to glide to a rough landing, saving the passengers, who leave the plane only to see the world aflame.

Buck mentions that it looks like the end of the world, while Chloe informs him that it is just the beginning. On August 7, , Cloud Ten Pictures announced that it had entered into a settlement agreement resolving the two lawsuits against it and Namesake Entertainment, which co-produced the original trilogy.

The suit was filed by Tim LaHaye. The settlement ended a legal dispute over the Left Behind film rights that began in On October 1, , Cloud Ten again reacquired rights to the film.

It was in the news that they planned on making the remake of the big-budgeted theatrically released film series based on the novel Left Behind.

At that time, it was also announced that Jordin Sparks had signed on to join the cast. Sparks' character is named Shasta.

The character Nicolae Carpathia does not appear in the film. Principal photography began on August 9, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to LaLonde, two sequels were planned, with Thomson, Murray, and Whelan all signed on to reprise their roles.

If the goal had been met, LaLonde would have begun filming in August for a summer theatrical release. On July 22, Paul LaLonde announced on his Facebook page that the crowdfunding campaign has resumed "on their own platform".

The film is intended to be the start of a new, contemporary film series drawing inspiration from The Twilight Saga film series , being marketed for a younger audience.

The film was well received by the book series' author. On July 2, , Paul LaLonde announced on the film's Facebook page that he has purchased the rights to all 16 books of the series.

He explains that he has always been "handicapped" to the first two books in the series and will now finally tell the story in its entirety.

He is currently planning a 6 to 8 film series that will cover the books in its entirety. The third weekend saw the film dip to screens and posted a All three countries had the highest debuts in the top three, with the countries of Lebanon and Philippines had the film ranked second place on their Box Office Chart.

The film opened in two more countries the following week. The film was released in Italy on July 29, and took the no.

The film was universally panned by critics and audiences alike. The site's critical consensus reads, "Yea verily, like unto a plague of locusts, Left Behind hath begat a further scourge of devastation upon Nicolas Cage's once-proud filmography.

In a review for Entertainment Weekly , film critic Lindsey Bahr writes, "At best, Left Behind is shoddily made sensationalist propaganda—with atrocious acting—that barely registers as entertainment.

At worst, it's profoundly moronic. Audiences, Christian or not, deserve better, and it's hard to imagine that the ham-fisted revelations in this schlock could serve any higher purpose.

Everything about this film feels forced and overwrought. With all due respect: Oh. No such luck. Armstrong appears humourlessly earnest about his task.

Score one for Satan. Christian film critics were critical of Left Behind. Paul Chambers from MovieChambers. I'd like to think that I'm one of them.

So, what possessed the makers of Left Behind to produce such an ignorant piece of garbage that's easily one of the worst films of , if not all-time?

Christian magazine Christianity Today heavily criticized the film, saying, " Left Behind is not a Christian movie, whatever 'Christian Movie' could even possibly mean.

In fact, most Christians within the world of the movie—whether the street-preacher lady at the airport or Rayford Steele's wife—are portrayed as insistent, crazy, delusional, or at the very least just really annoying.

They want churches to book whole theaters and take their congregations, want it to be a Youth Group event, want magazines like this one to publish Discussion Questions at the end of their reviews—want the system to churn away, all the while netting them cash, without ever having to have cared a shred about actual Christian belief.

They want to trick you into caring about the movie. Neither liked the version and LaHaye filed suit against it for breach of contract.

It lost in all three categories to Saving Christmas , starring Kirk Cameron , who coincidentally starred in the original Left Behind film franchise.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the original film first adaptation of the novel , see Left Behind: The Movie.

Theatrical release poster. Entertainment One Stoney Lake Entertainment [1]. Alec Rayme as Hassid.

Film portal United States portal Christianity portal. Retrieved March 29, British Board of Film Classification.

December 19, Retrieved December 19, Retrieved October 2, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved December 28, October 19, Retrieved August 6, Stoney Lake Entertainment.

Retrieved June 14, December 22, August 13, But again the Lord listened to me. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Ray had not yet been physically unfaithful to his wife, but he is clearly planning to commit adultery with Hattie while in London having first committed adultery in his heart.

Then, after desire has conceived it gives birth to sin ; and sin when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. Looking for answers, Chloe heads for her church , only to find it deserted, except for Pastor Barnes Lance E.

Based on the popular twelve 12 part book series, readers familiar with the works should be aware that the film only covers content from a few chapters of book one.

Messaging, however, is excellent as far as it goes , and it made me wish this had instead been produced as a year-long TV series, as I do believe it deserves high marks for effort, though slightly lower for execution.

Moral Rating:. Relevant Issues. Answer What about the issue of suffering? Answer Does God feel our pain?

Answer Did God make the world the way it is now? Answer Discover the good news that Jesus Christ offers.

Watch it on Christian Answers —full-length motion picture. Are you going to Heaven? Are you SURE you know the answer this extremely important question?

Or have you made some common wrong assumptions? Find out now! Objectionable Content Language. Lessons A Muslim passenger suggests, after hearing numerous theories on the disappearances alien abduction, invisibility , that they all consider prayer.

Positive Neutral Negative Critics. Positive —I was worried that Hollywood would distort this movie, however it followed very closely to the original with Kirk Cameron.

Nicholas Cage did an excellent job playing Rayford Steele! The supporting cast was Awesome! I was pleasantly surprised! This movie drives the message home that we all need to be ready!

My Ratings: Moral rating: Excellent! Positive — Fantastic movie. Did a great job with holding to the Truth, yet depicting the true to life struggles people have with receiving Jesus.

It showed the denial, then the anger, then the eventual coming around. And with the way they did this first movie as a foundation, I know they will show their relationships with Him as genuine.

Emotionally, very real to life. Great acting also. And showed good unfolding of the story with wonderfully detailed interaction between characters.

People have to go through a personal experience to truly come to know Jesus. His lines in the movie are the epiphany of what this movie is saying and what Jesus desires from each of His children… To truly know Him and receive His eternal Love.

To let it be written on our hearts. Positive —They did a very good job in what will now obviously be the 1st of many sequels to follow.

I have read all the books, suffered through all the awkward ones made back in the 90s. This new one was done very well.

I love how the entire secular review system hates this movie. And it has nothing to do with the movie itself, but a society who rejects the truth more and more.

In fact, reading those bad reviews made me want to go see it even more. I took my 12 year old daughter. Christians go support this film.

Vote with your money. I was not disappointed in the slightest. The film did contain some violent, disturbing and intense moments, but, considering the setting and overall storyline, those elements were not unexpected.

The movie is rated PG, so parents should exercise caution when deciding whether to let younger children see it.

Positive —In terms of moviemaking qualities, this movie was very well done. It was very exciting and hung you on the edge of your seat.

I thought that the look of the film was much better than the original with Kirk Cameron. However, I heard no one accept Jesus as Lord in this movie.

Chloe went to the church and rejected what Pastor Barnes had to say. Chloe was seen throughout the film, but the story is only about the actual Rapture.

It showed people panicking and getting upset that people were missing, but it did not go any further. Overall, this is a decent movie.

It does make you want to talk about Jesus. It is not preachy. It does not beat you over the head about the Bible, but it will make you want to look at it.

Go see the film in order to support Christian films. Positive —…Nicolas Cage did a great job as he does in his movies. He realizes and says that his wife had told him the truth and that God took the people to heaven.

No one gets saved or born again. Positive —Excellent, must see movie. Great cast and wonderful acting. Great entertainment for the whole family.

Positive —Was apprehensive about this movie and not a big Nicolas Cage fan, but, once it warmed up, it was actually pretty good.

I liked the casting and the interesting array of characters. Some nice special effects at the end and gripping seat action.

Overall, worth seeing and definitely prompted lots of conversation on the way home, theological and spiritual. Positive —I just saw the movie and had limited expectations.

Some complained that parts of the story were left out. I have to say that the special effects were ample, and the acting was of a higher caliber than in the original films.

I do agree that there was a little more emphasis on bosoms than I anticipated, but not as much as is typical in Hollywood. Having said all that, I think the film will serve its purpose if there are sequels and the attendance is strong.

You cannot hit the secular public over the head with your Bible and throw the salvation message at them all in one fell swoop. This film was a great introduction to the series and will hopefully initiate a taste for what will happen next.

It is not Christians who need to be saved, but the rest of the world. I believe this film did a good job of at least showing what the Rapture could be like.

I hope the cast remains on board, no pun intended, for a whole series matching the books. A television miniseries would be better, in my opinion.

I really was impressed! You should definitely go see this movie. But, this movie really entertained me, and was truly awesome! You should definitely go see it.

It would be great if Christians could go and support this movie. Especially since a big actor like Nicolas Cage stars in it. I really hope and pray that starring in this movie gave Nicolas Cage a chance to think more about God, and I pray that this experience will lead him to Jesus.

Positive —4. Nicolas Cage was really top notch! I chose an overall 4. Gee, it CAN be done! Unfortunately, he was left behind but if you are familiar with that religion, you know why.

That scene will make us, Christians, think. THAT part has nothing to do with Hollywood. The effects were great. Positive —I can be so picky when it comes to Christian films hitting the big screen.

I understand that. The message was clear and wonderful, but the acting was just bad. The movie had a good story and definitely told people what it was about without sounding too preachy.

I thought it was just the right amount. I hope they make another or more and are able to sign up the same cast. Positive —Saw this movie over the weekend with my parents.

Given how poorly other Christian-themed films have performed lately, I was kind of expecting to be disappointed. I was not disappointed in the least.

As it starts out, Chloe, a college student, is going home to spend time with her dad, Rayford, an airline pilot, on his birthday.

While there, she also meets Buck Williams, an investigative reporter, who is to be a passenger on the flight Rayford is piloting. When Rayford leaves, so does Chloe.

What follows is a time of confusion and despair for those who have been left behind. This is a very good movie.

The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that it could have gone further, and shown what happened after the rapture, and also it could have at least introduced Nicolae Carpathia, the Antichrist character in the novel series on which this movie is based.

But, still, I really enjoyed it. The acting, direction, camera work, and everything else were well done.

Slightly less impressive, but still good, was Chad Michael Murray as Buck. And, as Irene, Lea Thompson is really good, even though she actually has very little screen time.

A young lady named Cassie Thomson plays Chloe… what an amazing performance. Long story short… was this the best Christian film ever made?

Was it still good? Do I recommend it? Without hesitation. Positive —I first heard they were remaking this movie about three months, before it came out.

I was ecstatic—I am familiar with the original movies, and I have read all the books. The first attempts at trying to recreate the well known books into a series of movies was laughable, at best.

My family and I were actually laughing while watching the version. So to find they were going to give it a second whirl definitely caught my interest.

People are screaming, mothers are crying and holding clothes that used to contain babies. I have never liked Nicholas Cage all that much, but I enjoyed seeing him playing the part of Rayford Steele.

The girl they got to play Chloe did a fantastic job, and I really liked Buck a lot. One thing that really caught my attention was one of the opening scenes where Buck is backed into a corner by a Christian woman who comes at him somewhat aggressively with Biblical passages and prophecy.

Why is she being so mean? I liked that scene because a non-Christian viewer will see that even Christians are rude and aggressive. The difference between that woman and a regular unsaved person is that she does believe in God, and even though she was nasty to Buck, perhaps later she repented of coming off so brash.

We sin and can be mean just like everyone else. I was glad to see they incorporated that in there, because it gives the average viewer a feeling of an even ball-field as far as morals of Christians and non-Christians.

I think this movie can, and has, reached people.

Sogar Nicolas Cageder Herr des Overacting und der gefühlsbetonten Grimassen, verzichtet hier auf sein mittlerweile wohl Copyright-gesichertes Darsteller-Programm und macht wirklich nur noch das Nötigste. Tim LaHayeJerry B. Death Race 2. Doch Rayford steht in der Sharon osbourne und muss read article Leben der übrig gebliebenen Passagiere und seiner Besatzung retten, komme was da wolle. Möchte ich sehen. Left Behind. Melde dich an, go here einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Der ist eigentlich Stuntman sowie Action-Experte, bzw. Bilderstrecke starten 5 Bilder.

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Zu wenig Fluchen und Co? Left Behind. Chloe sagt ihm, dies sei erst der Anfang.

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